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Law Office of Jacob Wallace
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About Law Office of Jacob Wallace
For more than 8 years Jacob Wallace has helped hundreds of Texans with civil legal matters. From collection defense to DTPA lawsuits to residential and commercial tenancy matters, Jacob Wallace has the experience to represent you. 

At the Law Office of Jacob Wallace, my goal is to be your partner in your civil dispute. From understanding the terms of your contract or lease to understanding your rights in court, I will work to insure you know what is happening in your legal matter and how to respond. 

The key to my theory of Attorney/Client representation is communication. I work to return all phone calls within one business day and provide itemized invoices every month so you know what work was performed. If you ever have any questions about what is going on in your case, you can always call and speak with me directly.

I represent clients primarily in consumer and commercial matters. That means I do not handle criminal matters, family law matters, or car accidents.  

If you have a legal question, have been sued, or think you may need to file suit, give me a call today. The initial telephone consultation is free. ​
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