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Law Office of Jacob Wallace
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About Law Office of Jacob Wallace
For more than ten years, Jacob Wallace has partnered with members of our community to to help them run their business, draft contracts, understand the terms of their agreements or leases, and get the best possibly results in trials and mediations. 

Partnership is a cornerstone of my legal philosophy. I believe the client and the attorney must have a partnership built upon sharing information and frank communication. My goal is not just to understand your single issue, but to understand your business and your industry so that I can anticipate your needs and help you get the best results.  

I work to return all phone calls within one business day and provide itemized invoices every month so you know what work was performed. If you ever have any questions about what is going on in your case, you can always call my office and speak with me directly.

In todays legal world, increasingly complicated laws have made it impossibly for a single attorney to handle all matters. My focus is on consumer and commercial matters- running your business, helping your business in legal disputes, and helping individuals understand their rights when they are involved with businesses. I do not handle criminal or family law matters.  

If you have a legal question, have been sued, or think you may need to file suit, give me a call today. The initial telephone consultation is free. ​
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